How Does Termite Treatment Work?

When done by a professional pest control company, termite treatment works to not only control active infestations but also prevent future ones.

Heron provides a number of effective termite treatments to Orlando, Apopka, Oviedo, Leesburg, Sanford, Kissimmee and Central Florida residents.

Termite treatment has several steps to ensure an infestation is completely eliminated:

  1. Treatment begins with a professional pest control expert thoroughly inspecting your property for signs of termites and diagnosing the severity of infestation.
  2. The type(s) of termites present will be determined and, from there, the best treatment method will be determined.
  3. Treatment will be administered to tackle the infestation.
  4. After treatment is applied, pest control companies will almost always follow up after treatment to make sure it was effective, and to reapply treatment where necessary.

How Do Baiting Stations (Sentricon) Work?

Bait stations such as Sentricon are monitors that are placed every 10 or so feet around the perimeter of your home. They typically consist of cellulose to attract termites combined with an insecticide to affect the termite. This type of treatment begins to work immediately with the engineered bait content, which is nearly ten times more attractive to termites than wood. This bait will keep termites from maturing or molting, which will eventually cause them to die. A termite control expert will provide ongoing service to ensure the bait system continues to work.

Which Termite Treatment Works Best?

Many pest control companies agree that baiting stations such as Sentricon are the best possible treatments available for getting rid of termites. No matter which treatment is used to control termites in your home, ongoing service and inspections by a pest control company is the best way to ensure treatments worked and to make sure termites stay away from your home for good!

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