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Termites are one of the most destructive pests and if left untreated, they are capable of destroying the very structure of homes. Termites cause U.S. homeowners nearly $5 billion in damages each year. Even worse—homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the costs of termite removal! Regular inspections are the key to preventing termites, saving you the costs and frustrations of an infestation. The termite exterminators at Heron Home & Outdoor are committed to protecting your home or business from termites year-round.


There are many possible points of access that termites can use to get inside our homes here in Central FL. They most often find their way in through places where wooden parts of the structure come into contact with the ground, such as deck posts, doorframes, and porch steps or supports. Without knowing where or how to look for termite vulnerabilities, there might be no way to prevent a termite infestation from happening. If you want to get a head start on termite protection before a problem develops, you can count on our experts at Heron Home & Outdoor.

Common Termites in Central Florida

The following termite species are found in the southeast:

Dampwood Termites infest wood with a high moisture content and usually infest felled timber, dead trees, and stumps.

Drywood Termites live within wood, and have adapted to survive with very little water.

Eastern Subterranean Termites are serious economic timber pests, costing homeowners and building owners as much as $5 billion annually.

Formosan Termites are more likely to be found in developed or urban areas, rather than rural areas.

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Though they can be subtle, termites leave several signs of their presence. Noticing any of the following signs warrants a call to the termite removal experts at Heron Home & Outdoor:

  • Termites create tunnels out of mud that are about the width of a pencil. These mud tubes can be seen running along the foundation of your home and sometimes even in your basement. Mud tubes protect termites from drying out, allowing them to forage safely to their food sources.
  • Finding piles of termite feces located underneath entrances into the wood may indicate a drywood termite problem.
  • Walls that appear splintered or blistered or create a hollow sound when you tap on them is another sign of termites.
  • In more extreme cases, termites cause warped ceilings, floors, or doors.
  • Piles of wings from a termite swarm is a clear sign of activity. A termite swarm occurs when mature winged termites leave the colony to mate and establish a new colony.

Need Termite Removal and Prevention?

The good news is that termite damage is 100% preventable. Our termite exterminators use Sentricon, one of the most effective termite control treatment options on the market. Heron Home & Outdoor offers treatment plans with a guarantee to ensure termites will be removed from your property and kept away for good! Using this highly effective method will provide a continuous barrier of protection against termites.

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