Can Termites Be Prevented in Existing Homes?

Termites can be prevented in homes of any age by staying proactive about preventative measures and regular inspections.

If you live in an older home, it’s understandable why you may be worried about termites. However, just because a home is old doesn’t mean it’s any more likely to be infested than newer properties. Older homes may be at higher risk simply because they are more prone to foundation issues or damaged sources of wood. That said, preventing termites in an old home requires the same dedication and regularity as preventing infestations in newer homes.

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Are Termites More Likely in Older Homes?

Termite infestations can be unpredictable, meaning termites are as likely to infest a brand-new home as they are a 100-year-old building. Termites are not picky about where they infest so long as they have access to cellulose, which is their source of survival. Reasons why termites may infest an older home include:

  • Foundation issues that leave open spaces for termites to enter easily and nest.
  • Leftover, forgotten about wood from renovation projects.
  • Improper drainage or sources of standing water inside or outside the home.
  • Sources of decaying wood in or near the home.
  • Damaged roof tiles or timber.

Preventing Termites in All Homes

No matter how new or old your home is, proper termite prevention is important for all homeowners. Termite prevention is the best method of termite control, which is why it’s crucial to implement your own preventative measures as well as have a professional pest control company help you. Along with making sure the problems mentioned above are taken care of promptly, you should ensure your home is up-to-date on treatments and stay vigilant about checking for signs of termites.

Inspections to Prevent Termites in Existing Homes

Regular inspections are necessary in a home of any age. If you have an older home that has been treated for a termite infestation in the past, it’s smart to invest in an ongoing relationship with a professional termite pest control company who can keep tabs on any new activity in the home. It’s also important to know how long your treatment lasts in order to never let your home go unprotected again.

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