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Mosquito Learning Center

Mosquito Identification »

Mosquitoes are commonly mistaken for other insects. In this section, we’ll explore what mosquitoes look like, what the symptoms of their bites are, and what attracts mosquitoes to people in the first place. Become an expert on identifying mosquitoes here!

Mosquito identification in Central Florida - Heron Home & Outdoor

Mosquito Treatment »

If you are dealing with an onslaught of mosquitoes in your Central Florida property, you likely want them gone quickly. With so many mosquito treatments and repellents available, how do you know which one works? Find out more with expert tips from our mosquito exterminators.

Mosquito Treatment in Central Florida - Heron Home & Outdoor

Mosquito Prevention »

No one wants to deal with mosquitoes in their backyard in the spring or summer. We’ve compiled all the best prevention tips and tricks to not only prevent mosquito bites, but to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor living area for good!

Mosquito Prevention in Central Florida - Heron Home & Outdoor
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