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How Do I Get Rid of Termites?

The most effective termite treatment trusted by many professional pest control companies is Sentricon, a safe and reliable baiting system with a high rate of success.

Sentricon termite treatments in Florida? Heron Home & Outdoor

When it comes to getting rid of termites, there are many treatments available that all have varying degrees of success. Sentricon is widely considered to be one of the most effective and reliable products on the market for exterminating termites and keeping them away for good. With more than 4 million homes protected by Sentricon across the nation, Heron is proud to offer it as their termite treatment option of choice.

What is Sentricon?

Sentricon is one of the leading products for termite protection. These bait stations contain scientifically-engineered bait that, once infested by termites, will affect the queen and the entire colony. Scientific studies have documented proof of total colony elimination. The stations are expertly and discreetly installed around your property and are regularly maintained by a professional pest control expert. Some of the features of Sentricon include: 

  • Once termites seek out bait stations, they are attracted to the bait nearly 10 times more than wood, ensuring many termites are able to come into contact with it. 
  • After the bait is ingested, the active ingredient (noviflumuron) will keep the termite colony from molting, which will cause them to die off. 
  • To ensure the bait stations are working properly, a professional will continue to visit your home at least once or twice a year to check on the treatment.
  • Sentricon is installed discreetly and locked with a key, ensuring your kids and pets will be safe.

Other Methods of Eliminating Termites

There are a number of other termite treatments that have varying degrees of success. Besides baiting systems, some of the most common additional methods of treatment include orange oil, borate solutions, heat treatments, and more. In almost every case, bait stations will be used to control termites with a great degree of success.

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