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What Termites Are in Florida?

Due to its geographic location and warm climate, Florida is home to many types of termites that infest homes year-round.

Florida is home to several termite species within the dampwood, drywood, and subterranean types. The most common termites in the area include the eastern subterranean termite, formosan termite, Florida dampwood termite, and the cryptotermes drywood termite, among others. Because Florida has warm temperatures year-round, termites in the area often reproduce and begin infesting before springtime, making homeowners particularly susceptible to termite infestations during a longer period of time.

Common Florida Termites

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The hot and humid Florida climate is the ideal environment for termites of all kinds. Some of the most common species in the central Florida area include:

  1. Eastern subterranean termite: The most common termite in North America, these termites are cream-colored and much smaller than drywood or dampwood termites. They are considered to be the most damaging termite in the nation and can cause a lot of destruction in homes.
  2. Formosan termite: These termites are aggressive, defensive, and reproduce quickly to build huge populations; a single colony may contain several million termites in the worst cases. They are known to not be picky when feeding and can quickly chew their way through walls, flooring, and structural beams.
  3. Florida dampwood termite: Because they feed on high-moisture wood, these termites are common in the woodlands and coastal peninsula. Dampwood swarmers are strong fliers and attracted to light, but usually only infest homes with decaying or damp wood.
  4. Cryptotermes drywood termite: These termites, more commonly known as powderpost termites, infest structures with little moisture and are often known to attack wooden furniture. They are best identified by their shed wings or piles of fecal matter ejected through holes they create in timber.

Identifying Termites in Your Area

Other types occasionally found in Florida include the Asian subterranean termite, West Indian drywood termite, conehead termite, and even the western drywood termite. No matter the type of termite you may have, it’s always important to call a professional termite exterminator who can correctly identify and treat the infestation before extensive damage is caused.

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