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How To Identify Termites »

Wondering if you have termites hidden in your home? These wood-boring insects are often confused for other pests and are best identified by their behaviors.

In this section, you will learn about the appearance and types of termites as well as their life cycle, regional preferences, and more.

Learn how to identify termites from Heron Pest Control in Central FL

Termite Damage »

Termites can cause more damage to your home than other pests, especially because infestations are often left undiscovered until considerable destruction has been caused.

When dealing with termites, it’s important to know the types of damage they cause, the cost of their destruction, and more.

Learn about Termite Damage from Heron Pest Control in Central FL

Termite Treatment Options »

Treating an infestation in a timely manner is of the essence when it comes to controlling termites. There are many types of termite treatments, each with varying degrees of success.

We’ve outlined the different types of termite treatments to provide you with information on their safety, cost, and long-term effectiveness.

Learn about termite treatment options from Heron Pest Control in Central FL

Preventing Termites »

Termites can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t implement preventative methods to help better protect your home.

If you want to avoid ever having to deal with termites, read on about the importance of regular inspections, DIY prevention, and limiting their chance of survival.

Learn about termite prevention from Heron Pest Control in Central FL

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