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Can Termites Hurt Me?

Although termites cause serious damage to homes around the country, they are not known to attack or bite people and pets, and do not pose any serious health risks.

Although termites can cause significant destruction to structures, they do not pose a direct threat to humans. Termites very rarely attack people, even when they are swarming and possibly threatened. Although termite infestations can cause severe destruction to your home, they do not carry or transmit diseases as other pests do. However, certain people may suffer from asthma attacks or allergic reactions inside homes damaged by termites due to irritating particles and dust from nests.

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Do Termites Bite People?

Technically, termites do have the ability to bite humans, but it is very uncommon for them to do so. Although soldier termites have strong mandibles, they likely cannot pierce the skin with them. In the rare case a human is indeed bit, it’s important to know the following things:

  • Even if you are bit by a termite, the bite is not toxic or dangerous.
  • At its worst, a bite will leave a small red bump, causing minor irritation and occasional itchiness.
  • There are no symptoms reported with termite bites, and they are not known to carry diseases.
  • In the case of excess swelling or pain, it’s important to seek medical attention in case you are having an allergic reaction.
  • Otherwise, the small red bump should disappear within a few day’s time.

Are Termites Harmful to Pets?

Termites are no more harmful to pets than they are to humans, which goes to say that a termite biting your dog or cat is uncommon. Termites are known for being elusive and very rarely emerge, and usually only come into contact with people or pets when they are swarming. If your pet happens across a termite and eats it, they will not suffer any symptoms. If you believe your dog or cat to have been bitten by a termite and notice them showing signs of sickness, it’s always smart to take a trip to your vet to be safe.

The True Danger of Termites

Bottom line, it is very unlikely you or your pets will ever be bitten or attacked by termites. They prefer to stay hidden and will only attempt to defend themselves if directly threatened. For the most part, you only need worry about the structural destruction termites can cause inside your home.

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