Are Termite Treatments Safe?

If administered properly by a professional pest control company, termite treatments are completely safe for you and your family.

Are termite treatments safe in Florida? Heron Home & OutdoorMost methods used to eliminate termites contain chemicals that may be unsafe when not handled properly. When applied correctly, termite control products are quite safe and people do not typically suffer from any residual effects. If proper precautions are taken before and after termite treatment, no one in your home should have to worry about unsafe conditions.

Is Sentricon Safe?

Sentricon is a safe product for both your pets and family. Some of its safety features include:

  • The stations are securely installed by an expert in discreet areas around your home and require a special key to open, meaning your pets and children will not be able to access them.
  • In the case your dog perhaps ingests some of the bait, they shouldn’t experience any serious symptoms. Of course, it’s important to take your pet to your veterinarian should you notice them showing any negative reactions after coming into contact with a bait station.
  • One of the best features of Sentricon is how environmentally-conscious it is, as it is not known to negatively affect plants or the bugs that inhabit them in your yard.
  • Sentricon is regularly monitored by your pest control expert, ensuring they remain effective and safe for your family.

Are There Eco-Friendly Termite Treatments?

Certain pest control companies employ termite extermination techniques that are known to be less toxic. Some safer methods include orange oil, nematodes, fungi, sand, borates (or borax), and even heat or cold treatments. With any treatment method, a professional termite pest control expert can make sure it is administered in a way that will be safe for you, your family, and your pets.

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