Dampwood Termite


Actual Size: 3/4″ – 1″

Characteristics: Much larger type of termite. Soldiers and swarmers range from a light brown color to a reddish-brown.


  • They only infest wood with a high moisture content.
  • Usually found to infest felled timber, dead trees, and stumps.
  • May infest buildings prone to a high moisture content from plumbing or drainage issues.


Unlike subterranean termites, dampwood termites do not create shelter tubes inside of the wood they infest. Instead, they are able to live completely within the wood they are feasting on and cover entry holes with their feces to preserve humidity.

As their name implies, dampwood termites typically infest damp wood that is often in the stages of decaying. They also are known to infest structures with fungus or high moisture levels from plumbing leaks, ventilation issues, or drainage complications. When they do infest homes, they can weaken the structure by hollowing out support beams, leading to costly and dangerous problems.


The best way to prevent dampwood termites from infesting your home is to address any moisture issues your structure may be experiencing. Always make sure your property is free of water-damaged wood, especially if the damp wood is in contact with soil. Take caution in bringing in firewood or wooden furniture that has been outdoors. In serious cases, completely swapping out damp or soaked wood for new wood can be helpful in preventing or removing an infestation.


If you are concerned that you may have a dampwood termite infestation, don’t wait, call a professional. Using preventative methods, Heron Home & Outdoor team can easily and effectively treat the termites, ensuring they don’t return.