Palm Tree Care & Maintenance Service

Palm trees are an iconic staple of Florida landscapes. As diverse and attractive as they are, palms are constantly under attack from insects or palm tree diseases. Regular tree care and palm tree care is essential to not only reviving diseased trees but also for preventing healthy ones from damage. At Heron, our experienced lawn care specialists understand the unique problems palm trees face, and work hard to implement palm tree maintenance and care to keep them healthy and happy year-round.

Palm Tree Diseases and Pests

Each and every tree is faced with unique problems that have individualized needs. Newly transplanted palms should be protected immediately from palm weevils and bud-rotting fungal organisms. Established palms, on the other hand, need specific nutritional feedings and crown drenches to also prevent palm weevils and bud rot on a quarterly basis. Palm tree maintenance and care from a specialist is the solution. Large palms can cost thousands of dollars to replace, which is why the best tree care and palm tree care is prevention!

The most common palm tree diseases and pests in Florida include:

  • Boring insects
  • Scale insects
  • Fungus
  • Skeletonizers
  • Bag worms
  • Yellowing chlorosis
  • Palm weevils

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Central Florida’s Palm Tree Specialists

Working with Florida flora and fauna for over a decade has given us a wealth of experience, especially when it comes to knowing how to care for palm trees. These trees are tricky to maintain, and palm tree diseases can quickly ruin the health and longevity of your palm. In order to ensure your palm tree stays looking its best all year long, the palm tree maintenance and care specialists at Heron can help.


Heron’s palm care specialists assess the soil health, applying custom fertilizers, and addressing nutrient deficiencies in order to fully revive a struggling tree. Additionally, we also combat common pests and diseases, providing targeted treatments. Our team can assist with regular pruning to remove dead fronds and provide proper irrigation to prevent water stress.

Our Tree & Palm Tree Care Program

Heron’s palm tree care services prevent problems from affecting your trees and corrects existing deficiencies. We use a combination of fertilizing, pruning, and Mauget injections to correct the issue and revive your trees and palms. Sometimes a tree may not be able to be ground fed due to concrete covering the root system or if it’s too close to the water. Our Mauget Injection system solves that problem by providing the necessary nutrients directly into the tree. Our palm tree maintenance and care specialists can help ensure your palms are cared for year-round.

Palm tree care services in Central Florida - Heron Home & Outdoor

Our quarterly palm program includes:

  • Thorough, regular visits to assess the health of the palm
  • Applications to protect palms from weevils, boring insects, skeletonizers, fungus, and bud rotting
  • Granular fertilization on every treatment
  • Full drenching of the crown with an insecticide and a fungicide
  • Application of nutritional supplements to protect and maintain the deep green fronds in your palms
  • Quality inspections performed by a specialist
  • Detailed notes after each palm tree care treatment

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