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Lawn fertilization by Heron Home & Outdoor - serving Orlando, Florida and surrounding areasProper fertilization gives your lawn an edge when it comes to growing and thriving. Especially if your lawn has been damaged or is unhealthy, it will benefit from fertilization.

When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

In Florida, it is usually time to fertilize your lawn in mid-April, at the beginning of the true growing season. If your lawn seems healthy, you may not think that it needs fertilizer. However, sometimes it is not as healthy below the surface. Florida lawns may begin greening up during the month of March. So why does your landscaper wait to fertilize until April?

Turf grasses undergoing a root decline in the spring. The old root system may die during the month of March, and the grass will grow new roots. That’s why professionals wait until April to fertilize, so that the new roots of grass can use the nutrition. Fertilizing stimulates your grass to start growing a stronger root system.

If fertilization is done when there are not as many active roots present, this fertilizer will not be efficiently absorbed. Additionally, the nutrients absorbed in early fertilizer application may make your lawn more susceptible for brown patch infections. This is especially common in Saint Augustine grass.

Repeating Lawn Fertilization

If you want a truly vigorous lawn, your landscaper can fertilize in June as well, with one final application of fertilizer done in August. As a rule, most landscapers go with one extra application in July. If your lawn has a lower maintenance type of turf, like centipede grass, it usually prospers well with just one application of fertilizer in April.

Professional Lawn Fertilization

Having your landscape company apply a fertilizer will make a difference, even if your lawn appears healthy. Your grass will be a darker green in color, and will grow more fully. If your lawn has sustained damage or needs new growth areas, it should definitely be fertilized. Lawns that are poor in vigor and those that have thinning areas will also benefit from fertilization. It creates a lawn with a more quality appearance.

What Kind of Fertilizer Do I Need?

Your landscaper will advise you on what type of fertilizer will work best for your lawn. If you have to choose on your own, the number of brands and types might confuse you. However, when you use a professional landscaper, the choice will be made for you, and it will be the best choice for your lawn. Your landscaping company will usually apply the chosen fertilizer to a lawn they have recently mowed. In this way, the shorter blades will allow the granules of fertilizer to move into the soil in a more efficient way.

What About Weeds?

If your lawn has weed problems, your landscaping company may use a fertilizer known as “weed and feed”. This kills weeds as it fertilizes your lawn. They will follow directions closely so that the herbicides will not damage other plants, shrubs and trees in your yard.

The herbicide in these products is also checked to be sure it is safe for your type of grass. Some herbicides may damage specific types of grass, and having a professional landscaper make the choice will ensure that you won’t have problems in this area.

Heron Home & Outdoor Provides Expert Lawn Care

Need a dedicated lawn care specialist to answer specific fertilizing questions for you? Give us a call! We’d love to help you attain the lawn of your dreams–and we’ll give you a free quote!

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