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What Are Chinch Bugs?

Chinch bugs can be found in the thatch layer of your lawn, or just by the crowns. Only a ¼ of an inch long, chinch bugs use their sharp mandibles to bite into the blades of grass on your lawn, feeding on the sap. As they bite your grass, they inject the grass with enzymes. This “poison” can kill your lawn over time as the chinch bugs multiply, leaving patches of dead grass as they move across your lawn.

Identifying Chinch Bug Damage


Chinch bug damage is particularly difficult because it’s slow, and can mimic symptoms of other insects or drought damage. Because these bugs are feeding off individual blades of grass, you might not even notice the problem until they’ve spread across a large area. Depending on the time of year, you may also just think it’s dryness due to under-watering.


Treat for chinch bugs in Florida during late spring through early fall, their active seasons. Keep an eye out for yellowing or browning patches, and if detected get in touch with our lawn care experts promptly.

Is it Chinch Bug Damage or Drought Stress?

Chinch bug damage symptoms look a lot like the stress caused by drought. Your turf will begin to wither away as the chinch bugs continue to feed on the sap, leaving your grass dry and slowly dying. Grass blades will begin to turn yellow-brown as they die. So how do you tell if your grass needs water, or if chinch bugs are slowly destroying it from the inside out?

Heron Home & Outdoor primarily uses visual inspection. Though chinch bugs are small, they are visible to the naked eye. As we inspect areas of your grass, we look past the edges of the damaged areas to see if chinch bugs are involved or spreading. If we find more than a few chinch bugs per square foot, your lawn needs treatment!

Professional Chinch Bug Control & Treatment


Effectively treating chinch bugs requires a multi-faceted approach. Our professional lawn care services employ targeted insecticides that specifically address chinch bug infestations. These products are applied with precision to ensure maximum effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact. We also optimize your lawn environment by focusing on proper irrigation, grass height, and soil health to discourage chinch bug activity. Avoid DIY treatments to prevent further issues; rely on our experienced professionals for an accurate assessment and effective treatment plan.


Reviving a lawn following a chinch bug infestation and damage requires a strategic approach. Removing dead grass, reseeding, fertilization and soil care and regular monitoring. Choose our professional lawn care services for a comprehensive solution, going beyond pest control to ensure your lawn receives the care needed for long-term health.

At Heron Home & Outdoor, we understand the importance of keeping your lawn pest-free and safe. A healthy lawn is crucial to any home, which is why our Lawn Care Program provides you with six comprehensive treatments a year. We have straightforward pricing, complete coverage for common pests and conditions, and we offer the area’s best protection. Call Heron today for your free same-day inspection!

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