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A plush landscape with beautiful shrubs adds substantial value to your home. With our unique and effective shrub care approach, we are committed to bringing your property to its full potential. Pest control and disease treatment for shrubs is essential and you can trust Heron for your shrub maintenance needs!

Heron’s Shrub Care Process


Taking proper care of shrubs is no easy task. Each month welcomes a new set of possible shrub invaders, fungus, diseases, and other potential issues. Because shrub maintenance is different for every property, our trained technicians will custom-blend an application on the spot that is specific to tackling any shrub diseases you may be experiencing. Our experts can provide advice on how to care for abelia shrubs, boxwood shrubs, dogwood shrubs, hibiscus shrubs and juniper shrubs, to name but a few. 

At Heron, we specialize in shrub care tailored to Florida’s unique conditions. From vibrant flowering shrubs to hardy evergreens, we choose plants suitable for your specific environment. Our experts can help reinvigorate your yard with newly planted shrubs, ensuring proper planting with attention to the root ball for a solid foundation.

Our technicians will follow these procedures as part of our shrub care process:

  • Apply insecticides to prevent and control all insects
  • Apply seasonal granular fertilizer to shrubs seasonally
  • Treat fungus on all shrubs
  • Replace shrubs if they die from insects
  • Come out the next day if needed
  • Remove fertilizer debris off driveways after treatment
  • Have fully stocked trucks to treat any problems that may arise
  • Use environmentally conscious methods
  • Follow county ordinances
  • Be certified in Best Management Practices
  • Perform quality inspections (done by a manager)
  • Come back anytime and treat any problems for FREE
  • Leave detailed notes about the property after each treatment and place flags in any areas of concern

Shrub Replacement Guarantee!

We offer a Shrub Replacement Guarantee against insect damage. You can rest assured that if your shrubs die due to insect damage or disease while under our care, we will replace them at no cost to you. We offer free follow-up treatments between your regular scheduled service. With our shrub care services, we are confident we can bring your property up to its full potential.

Heron has helped thousands of customers achieve that plush green landscape that everyone desires. Choose Heron for your shrub maintenance needs and experience the difference!
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Understanding Shrub Maintenance

Did you know that your shrubs are more susceptible to pests and problems than your lawn is? There are numerous varieties of shrubs and they each have their own set of potential issues. Shrubs are particularly susceptible to attacks from a variety of harmful invading insects, including chili thrips, caterpillars, aphids, spider mites, lace bugs, and many more. Fungus and diseases such as cercospora and entomosporium also attack shrubs, and nutrient deficiencies can quickly make your shrubs go downhill. Because shrubs require nutrients throughout the entire health to maintain health, promote color, and grow, it’s essential to make sure they are getting the correct treatment to keep them healthy.

Selecting the right shrubs is crucial, considering the hardiness zone and your preferences. Our experts guide you through the process, emphasizing proper planting techniques and advising on choices. Regular maintenance includes meticulous care, and addressing potential issues promptly.

Professional Shrub Inspections

The first step in getting your shrubs healthy again is to understand exactly what diseases or problems they may be facing. The professional technicians at Heron will thoroughly inspect your property and create a fully detailed graph. From there, we will work on building a completely customized plan to not only revive and make your shrubs healthy again but also to prevent them from further issues down the road and help you to chose the best types of shrubs to thrive based on your unique yard environment.

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Heron Home & Outdoor provides comprehensive services for all of your pest control and lawn care needs. Because we are able to expertly perform so many household services, you can call one company instead of five! We offer pest control treatments and inspections, wildlife removal, lawn care services, irrigation system installation and maintenance, and TAP® insulation installation.

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