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How To Properly Mow Your Lawn

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How to properly mow your lawn in Orlando and Kissimmee FL. Heron Home & OutdoorProper mowing is one of the key elements in a healthy turf. Photosynthesis is hindered every time your lawn is mowed. Leaves feed the root system. The more leaf blade, the healthier the root system. A healthier root system decreases the need for supplemental irrigation. Mowing a lawn too short weakens the root system and allows weeds to germinate much easier.

What is the ideal height for cutting grass?

Keeping your lawn in good shape requires knowing how long to keep your grass. St. Augustine should be mowed at 3½”. Seville St. Augustine and Zoysia should be mowed at 2½”. A simple test is to use your index finger. After mowing, touch the soil with the tip of your finger and the leaf blades should be at least to your knuckle. The more leaf blade that remains after mowing, the greener your lawn will appear to the human eye.


Grass should never be mowed more than 1/3 of its leaf surface. In other words, if you are mowing at 3½” of height, you should mow once it reaches 4 ½”. On average, a thick vigorous, growing lawn should be mowed once a week. Sharp blades are important for a green lawn. A dull blade will chop at the leaf, resulting in a brown tip. A sharp blade will cut smooth and heal much faster.


Not bagging your grass clippings helps in many ways. For one, you save a lot of time when you mow. Not bagging as you mow returns valuable nutrients to the soil. This is a natural fertilizer. A 50 pound bag of dry clippings has about the same amount of nutrients as a 25 pound bag of 6-6-6 fertilizer.

Dropping your grass clippings also helps reduce thatch through decomposition. Help the environment, yourself, and your lawn by not bagging your clippings.

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