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5 Crabgrass Control Tips to Protect Your Lawn

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Crabgrass growing in Central Florida - Heron Home & Outdoor

Have you been noticing grassy weeds sprouting up in your lawn, seemingly out of nowhere? Chances are, you’re dealing with a crabgrass problem, and it may be much more difficult to eradicate than you expect.

What Does Crabgrass Look Like?

Crabgrass is an aggressive, fast-growing weed that attacks St. Augustine and other turfgrass with a vengeance. It grows laterally, covering turf leaf blades and starving them of the sunlight they need to thrive. Crabgrass is extremely difficult to control because it grows 8 times faster than St. Augustine, easily overwhelming a lawn before you know it.

A single crabgrass plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds, which can remain dormant in the soil for years. With the proper conditions, moisture and humidity, dormant seeds will germinate and crabgrass will wreak havoc on your lawn.

Crabgrass thrives in sunlight & moisture, which is why it is such a widely-faced issue in Florida. The subtropical climate in Florida sets the perfect stage for this pesky weed. Every pest control company knows about the problems crabgrass poses, so why is it so rarely treated with the respect it demands?

Why Crabgrass Is So Hard to Treat

Many frustrated Florida residents have found that few pest control companies are willing to help them with their crabgrass outbreaks. Homeowner, Lori of Oviedo, writes:

“I’ve been with the same lawn company for years and have been very happy with the service. However, when a large section of my lawn was taken over by crabgrass, I called them out to my home. My technician told me that they do not treat for crabgrass, and that I could either try to treat it myself or pay for them to round it up and re-sod.  Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed.”

Unfortunately, Lori’s story is a common one for homeowners who don’t work with Heron. Many pest control companies will refuse to treat crabgrass because of how difficult it is to control. It takes multiple follow-up treatments to eliminate crabgrass once it’s germinated and actively growing. Proper crabgrass control procedures often take up more time and money than a pest control company is willing to spare. There are a few industry-standard products that professionals use to control crabgrass, but most companies do not use these because of the cost factor. That’s not the case with Heron Home & Outdoor, your local leaders in lawn care and crabgrass control.

How Do I Get Rid of Crabgrass?

Maintaining a healthy lawn is the best way to prevent crabgrass. This includes having the correct treatments done at the right times of the year, along with proper watering and mowing. Here are 5 tips to help you sustain a healthy lawn:

  1. Install an irrigation system. Crabgrass thrives in shallowly watered lawns, so watering your lawn less frequently but more deeply into the soil will strip seeds of a proper environment for germination.
  2. Mow your lawn high, ideally leaving 3.5” to 4” of turf. Crabgrass has more room to spread in low-cut lawns.
  3. Keep your lawn space thoroughly sodded. Leaving bare areas of lawn gives crabgrass a perfect opportunity to spread. 
  4. Properly fertilize your lawn with a 2:1 ratio of nitrogen to potassium in the spring and fall. 
  5. Apply a pre-emergent herbicide in the late winter or early spring. This will create a threshold of chemicals at the top layer of soil that crabgrass won’t be able to breach.

Crabgrass Removal Services

We’ve seen some cases of crabgrass get way out of hand and need a whole lot of TLC to fix. Heron Home & Outdoor is one of the very few companies in Central Florida that treats crabgrass. While it is a particularly unforgiving weed, it can be wiped out with proper care, and we would love to help you prepare yourself however we can. If you’re ready to put a stop to your crabgrass problem today, request your free quote here!

5 Crabgrass Control Tips to Protect Your Lawn in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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