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“Crabgrass Control & Prevention Tips that Every Homeowner Should Know”

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What is Fast Growing?  Difficult to Control and Unpredictable?

No, not your teenager…crabgrass!

Crabgrass is a tenacious weed, however it can be controlled with the proper treatment.

Crabgrass is a tenacious weed, however it can be controlled with the proper treatment.

Crabgrass is an aggressive fast growing weed that attacks St. Augustine and other turf grass with a vengence.Crabgrass grows laterally covering turf leaf blades starving it of sunlight needed to thrive.Crabgrass is extremely difficult to control because it grows 8 times faster than St. Augustine easily overwhelming a lawn in very little time.

Crabgrass seeds can remain dormant in the soil for years. With the proper conditions, moisture and humidity, dormant seeds will germinate and crabgrass spreads.A single crabgrass plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds that grow at a rapid pace.

Crabgrass thrives in sunlight & moisture, which is why it is such a recurring problem in Florida.The climate and conditions in Florida are the perfect setting for this pesky weed.

Homeowner, Lori of Oviedo writes:

“I’ve been with the same lawn company for years and been very happy with the service. However, when a large section of my lawn was taken over by crabgrass, I called them out to my home.  My technician told me that they do not treat for crabgrass & that I could try to treat it myself or I could pay for them to round it up and re-sod.  Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed”.

Unfortunately, Lori’s story is common.

Most lawn companies do not treat for crabgrass for a couple of reasons:

1)Crabgrass is difficult to control.It takes multiple follow-up applications to control crabgrass once it’s germinated and actively growing.

2)Crabgrass is timely and expensive to treat.Treating crabgrass typically takes longer than a lawn without crabgrass.There are specific products in the industry that professionals use to control crabgrass.Most companies do not use these because of the cost factor.

A healthy lawn is the best prevention for crabgrass. This includes having the correct treatments at the correct times of year with proper watering and mowing.

Tips for maintaining a healthy lawn and preventing crabgrass:

Irrigation: Water your lawn less frequently but more deeply into the soil.Crabgrass thrives in shallowly watered lawns.

Mowing:Mow your lawn high ideally leaving 3.5” to 4” of turf.

Bare spots:Don’t leave bare areas of lawn.Re-sod bare areas quickly.Bare areas are an ideal place for crabgrass to spread into and thrive.

Proper Fertilization:Properly fertilize your lawn with a 2:1 ratio nitrogen and potassium in the spring and fall.Pre emergents are the best defense in preventing crabgrass seeds from germinating in the first place.These are best applied in late winter and early spring.

Heron is one of the very few companies in Central Florida who treat crabgrass.While crabgrass is an aggressive weed, it can be controlled with the proper care.If you have any questions, please call the Lawn Hotline at 1-800-81-HERON.

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