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Treating Fleas Around Your Lawn

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Fleas are tiny insects and avid jumpers. They thrive in places that are moist and shady, and feed off of blood- typically that of your pets. The problem when dealing with fleas is the need to treat both indoor, outdoor, as well as any pets you have. It’s a long process and can be exhausting.

There are certain things you can do to prevent a flea infestation. These include:

Creating a Barrier- This can be through pesticides or clearing of brush around the outside. Wildlife are typically carriers for fleas. If you live in an area with wildlife, mending any holes in, or putting up a fence can help to prevent wildlife from coming in and infecting your lawn and pets.

Keep Up Your Yard- Mow your lawn to the appropriate height so to not encourage fleas hiding. In addition to mowing, clearing debris regularly will take away their habitats and they’ll have to find other places to lay eggs.

Don’t Overwater- If you already have fleas, you may need to flood your lawn to flush out the eggs and larvae. However, as a prevention technique, keeping your water limited will prevent creation of the moist soil environment that they love.

Add Some Cedar- Cedar mulch has been known to repel fleas when placed around houses or lawns because they hate the smell! It’s also beneficial to place some in the spots where your pets typically hang out.

Use Nematodes- Nematodes are tiny little worms that not only eat fleas, but other pesky insects around your yard as well.

Ask For Help

If you’ve been dealing with fleas, we know you’re probably frustrated. They are stubborn and come in masses. Fortunately, we offer free same day inspections of your problem. Contact us today for your free same-day inspection, and we’ll create a custom plan for treating the fleas around your home.

Treating Fleas Around Your Lawn in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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