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Avoiding Mosquitoes During the Rainy Season

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As the summer continues, we face the rainy season. While we receive some much-needed rain, it should be noted that this rain promotes growth in mosquito populations which can put a dent in your summertime enjoyment. Here are some tips for dealing with the mosquito problem this summer.

  • Remove Stagnant Water – Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and during the rainy season it is incredibly easy for water to accumulate. Common water collection spots include bird baths, pools that don’t use filters, and uncovered garbage bins. Draining this water halts mosquitoes from breeding near your home.
  • Seal Your Home – Preventing mosquitoes inside your home is just as important as halting the ones outside. If mosquitoes enter your home, they have the potential to bite you in your sleep which can be quite the nuisance. Take precautionary steps and ensure that windows and doors are properly sealed, and nothing is left open.
  • Use Repellant – People often make the mistake of forgetting to apply insect repellant. In the summer, we wear thinner clothing which mosquitoes can bite through, so even if you are wearing long sleeves, you may not be fully protected. DEET is the most important active ingredient in repellant and the higher the DEET percentage, the more effective your repellant is.
  • Clear Your Gutters – Your rain gutters tend to collect fallen leaves and other unwanted debris which prevent water from draining properly. Unfortunately, this leads to a buildup that causes rainwater to collect creating more space for mosquitoes to breed. You should also be sure to trim any overhanging trees, as their leaves and twigs can fall in and create more unwanted debris.

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At Heron Home & Outdoor, we offer an effective and lasting mosquito control program in which we inspect your property for potential breeding sites and provide insight on preventative measures. We then treat around your home to handle the existing adult mosquito population. For more information, or for a free same day estimate, contact us today for your free same-day inspection.

Avoiding Mosquitoes During the Rainy Season in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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