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Skunk Trapping & Removal

Lawn and garden damage caused by skunks in Orlando, Oviedo, Apopka, Leesburg, Sanford, Kissimmee and Central FL areas - Heron Home & Outdoor


Potential health hazards caused by skunks in the Orlando, Kissimmee, Sandford, Leesburg, and Central FL areas - Heron Home & Outdoor

Health Hazard

Problems Skunks Can Cause

Metro Orlando FL | Kissimmee - Sanford - Leesburg

Heron Home & Outdoor provides exceptional skunk trapping and removal services in Orlando, Oviedo, Apopka, Leesburg, Sanford, Kissimmee and Central FL areasWe all know the smell. Whether driving down the highway or hiking through the woods, the putrid stench of skunks is instantly recognizable. It’s bad enough when encountered from a distance. The last thing you want is to see one up close.

Unfortunately, these nocturnal omnivores can all too easily find their way onto your property in search of insects, small animals, and garbage. And when they do, the smell might be the least of your worries. They can damage your lawn or garden, scare and spray your pets, and transmit diseases like rabies—not to mention carry parasites like mites, ticks, and fleas.

How You Know if You Have an Skunk Problem

  • You repeatedly and consistently smell a skunk odor.
  • There’s evidence of one (or more) living under your deck, shed, or porch.
  • You notice cone-shaped holes or burrows in your lawn.
  • Fruits or other home garden crops are eaten.
  • Your trash is disturbed or scattered around.

How We Trap or Capture Skunks

When it comes to skunks invading your property, professional help is always necessary. If you see these pests, don’t try to handle them yourself—call Heron. Our wildlife professionals will expertly and safely trap and relocate them, leaving you skunk—and stink—free.

Skunk Prevention

Removing existing skunks is only the beginning. We’ll seal off any dens or habitats we encounter, and advise you on how to avoid future infestations, such as securing your garbage and minimizing food sources. The best method of wildlife control is prevention, which is why we’ll work with you to make sure you never have to deal with skunks on your property again.

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