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After removing unwanted animals and cleaning the mess they left behind, it’s time for one of the most important steps—making sure they don’t come back. To fully put your home back the way it was, we offer exclusion services to fully repair, repaint, and finish any damage caused by your wildlife intrusion. And because the best offense is a good defense, we can conduct a thorough inspection and evaluate the rest of your property to find and address any weaknesses-before you have a problem.

Ground Level Entry Points For Unwanted Wildlife

Some of the areas on the ground level of your property include:

  • Garage Door Seals: We will check all seals for signs of gnawing, proper sealing against slab and dry, worn or cracked areas.
  • Pipe Entries: We will inspect for any holes or gnawing
  • Siding, Skirting, and Attached Wooden Decks: We will focus on areas where knots or holes have been drilled or gnawed open, areas around plumbing, electrical, a/c lines and a/c package units.
  • Utility Entry Points: Utility entry points are areas where the plumbing, water, overhead electrical lines and sewer lines may enter or exit the home.
  • Tunneling and Burrowing: We will walk around the property to search for tunneling or burrowing. Either is a major sign that an animal has entered the property or is living underneath it.
  • A/C Chases or Package Units: We will check these areas for urine smells, missing chunks of insulation around the piping and gnaw marks.
  • Wall, Crawl Vents, and Cedar Siding: We will check for holes in these areas potentially made by rodents.
  • Trees and Shrubs Against the Property: Overgrown trees and shrubs against the structure allow rodents and wildlife to access the home from the ground.

Roof Entry Points for Unwanted Wildlife

  • Broken or Missing Soffits: We will inspect all soffits to determine the amount of damage or how much, in feet, is missing due to animal destruction.
  • Soffit Returns: Soffit returns are very susceptible to rodent, raccoon, squirrel and opossum entry.
  • Fascia: We will look for any signs of gnawing or rot. Any areas that have water damage are softer and provide an easier area for squirrels and rodents to gnaw through.
  • Overhead Electrical Lights: Overhead electrical lines are electrical supply lines to a structure from the pole. They allow squirrels and rodents the ability to travel across and gain entry to the roof.
  • Sewer Stacks: Vent stacks are wrapped in a lead boot which squirrels and rodents love to gnaw on eventually creating an opening into the structure.
  • “Goose-Neck” Hood Vents: We will look for any signs of openings along the edges and for any screen damage.
  • Weather Vents: Weather vents come equipped with a screen that animals can easily push away to gain entry into the attic. We will check the vent for any damage along its edges as well as to the screen.
  • Ridge Vents: Ridge vents are vents that run the roof ridge. We will look for the presence or absence of the plastic end caps and any signs of forced entry.
  • Turbine Attic Vents: Turbine / solar powered attic vents are powered vents with a supplied 110v or solar power. Any major damage to these vents should be repaired by a licensed roofing contractor.
  • Gable Vents: Gable vents are common entry points for wildlife. We will inspect each gable vent to check for damage or tampering.

Professional Wildlife Exclusion Services

When we inspect your property, you can rest assured Heron’s experts know exactly where to find vulnerabilities in your structure that may let wild animals in. To learn more about our services, give us a call today!

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