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Bat Trapping & Removal

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Heron Home and Outdoor provides exceptional bat trapping and removal services in Orlando, Apopka, Leesburg, Sanford, Oviedo, Kissimmee and Central FL areas

The thought of bats living in your home is unpleasant enough. But the reality is even worse. Bats can carry numerous dangerous diseases, including rabies. And even after they’re gone, the droppings they leave behind in your attic and eaves can grow a dangerous fungus. This fungus releases spores into the air, causing histoplasmosis—a chronic lung disease that’s particularly fatal to children and the elderly.

How to Know if You Have a Bat Problem

  • You see or hear them in the attic or chimney.
  • You notice an odor due to their droppings.
  • You notice bats swarming around your home.

How We Trap or Capture Bats

If you have bats on your property, it’s important to always call in for professional help. Bats are erratic creatures and, chances are, they don’t want to be trapped in your home either. We will seal up (or exclude) all entry points around your home except one, where we place a release valve. This allows them to exit—but not re-enter. When the final bat has left, usually within a week, we remove the valve and seal up the last entry point. We’ll also work with you to clean up the droppings they’ve left behind.

Bat Prevention

A secure attic is a bat-free attic. Our exclusion work is key to keeping bats from returning. We’ll examine your property and work with you to address any lingering weaknesses or additional entry points. For safe, bat trapping and removal services, call the experts at Heron Home & Outdoor today!
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