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Wildlife Cleanup and SanitationWildlife cleanup and sanitation by Heron Home & Outdoor - serving Orlando, Oviedo, Leesburg, Sanford, Apopka, Kissimmee and Central FL areas

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Getting an animal off your property is only just the beginning. Animals mark their territory, making it easy for them, their offspring—or other animals—to easily find their way back into your life. These pheromones are like breadcrumbs, and they all lead straight back to you.


Wild Animal Cleanup

Animals will always try to return to safe, proven nesting areas—unless you eradicate their scent trail. That’s why we don’t just remove wildlife. Our sanitation and bio-remediation procedures will neutralize or destroy any contaminants. We remove any affected materials from your home, and effectively sterilize the remaining areas to eliminate any bacteria, odor, pheromones, and harmful diseases left behind.
This not only helps keep your family safe, but it also destroys the scent trail—helping to prevent the animals from finding you again.


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