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Problems Raccoons Can Cause


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Raccoon Trapping & Removal

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Raccoon trapping & removal by Heron Home & Outdoor - serving Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas

Why Raccoons are a Problem

Like opossums, raccoons can be a common site in and around your garbage cans. But more than your trash is at stake. Raccoons can set up shop and breed in your attic, causing tremendous home damage. And worse, they can carry a wide variety of hazardous diseases, including rabies, distemper, roundworm, and giardiasis. All of these can harm your pets—or you.

How You Know if You Have an Raccoon Problem

  • Your pets suddenly have fleas after never having had them before.
  • You hear unusual noises in your attic.
  • Your bird feeders, pet food bowls or trash can have been knocked over or rummaged through.
  • Food is showing up in your pool—raccoons sometimes “wash” their food before eating it.

How We Trap / Capture Raccoons

Given the diseases they carry and their potential for rabies, you should never try to capture a raccoon on your own. If you have trouble with raccoons, call us. With our commercial-grade traps, we can safely and humanely catch and relocate them—period.

Raccoon Prevention

Once we’ve solved your raccoon problem, we’ll sit down and work out a plan to keep it from happening again—including fixing potential entry points in and around your attic, and securing your garbage.

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