Sprinkler System Installation

Building a new home in Orlando, FL? Tired of hand watering your lawn? There are many ways to design a new sprinkler system. Far too often we see irrigation systems installed that were designed as cookie-cutter solutions, designed without regard to the exact needs of the property. For the best results, your new sprinkler system should be customized to your landscape, considering sun and shade, type of plant life, and the slope of your property.

Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

Heron Home & Outdoor is the leading sprinkler system installer in the Orlando area, with several awards and unmatched customer service. We offer much more than just irrigation installs. Our highly trained staff will gladly give you free seasonal watering advice for your lawn and garden so that you can have a lush landscape all year long. We also support the Orlando area by carrying out fundraisers for charity, sponsoring youth sports teams, and giving back to the community that has helped us grow to what we are today.

If you’re in need of sprinkler system installation for your property, contact the experts at Heron Home & Outdoor today!

MP Rotators

MP Rotators are a revolutionary way to deliver water to your lawn and landscape. They can save water, prevent common irrigation problems, and irrigate more effectively–all so you can have the lawn of your dreams!

Rain Sensors

Florida requires every irrigation system to have rain sensors–do you have yours? Rain sensors are an integral part of any irrigation system, saving you water and preventing irrigation problems. The automatic rain sensors that we use save you time, water, and money!

Bi-Monthly Sprinkler Maintenance Program

With our Maintenance Program, every other month our technician will go through your sprinkler system zone by zone to make sure your lawn is getting even and adequate water coverage. Also, if you have broken sprinkler heads, we will replace them for FREE if you are on our Irrigation Maintenance Program.

Bi-Monthly Sprinkler Maintenance Program - Sprinkler Installation Repair and Maintenance by Heron Home & Outdoor serving Orlando, Ormond Beach, Apopka, Leesburg, Oviedo, Sanford, Kissimmee FL and surrounding areas

Bi-Monthly Irrigation Maintenance Program includes:

  • Going through each zone and adjusting sprinkler heads to ensure accurate head to head coverage.
  • Replacing broken sprinkler heads for FREE
  • Calibrating irrigation controllers for correct watering times and duration
  • Seasonal adjustments to watering schedules and adjustments for Daylight Savings Times
  • Inspecting valves, rain sensor, and controller
  • The technician will leave notes explaining what adjustments and repairs were performed on your system after each visit
  • Any additional repairs needed beyond what is covered on the Maintenance Program are discounted 15% off 

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Highly reviewed irrigation installation, repair, and maintenance by Heron Home & Outdoor in Orlando, Oviedo, Apopka, Leesburg, Sanford, Kissimmee and Central FL areas


“… I decided to have Heron install a new irrigation system with the advanced water saving sprinkler heads. I couldn’t be happier with that decision. I’ve had the system for about a year now. My water consumption is significantly down. I’m using 30% less water and my lawn looks better than it ever has!”

-Noreen Clough

Heron Home And Outdoor For Pest Contorl Services and Lawn Care in the Orland FL Area

Professional and Comprehensive Home and Lawn Care

Heron Home & Outdoor provides comprehensive services for all of your pest control and lawn care needs. Because we are able to expertly perform so many household services, you can call one company instead of five! We offer pest control treatments and inspections, wildlife removal, lawn care services, irrigation system installation and maintenance, and TAP® insulation installation.

Curious about all of the services we provide? Explore your options for total home care with Heron Home & Outdoor!

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