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Summer watering tips by Heron Home & Outdoor - serving Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Ormond Beach, Sanford, Leesburg, Orlando Metro and Central Florida areasIn summer, it is crucial to make sure your irrigation system is working properly and covering the entire area of your lawn. Florida’s intense heat can dry out large patches of grass in no time at all. Sprinkler systems should be adjusted so that every inch of your lawn is receiving optimal amounts of water. It is also good practice to water multiple times a day in shorter intervals, rather than all at once. This keeps your yard from flooding, ensures water is not wasted and helps grass absorb the moisture more effectively.

5 Tips for Summer Lawn Watering in Florida

  1. It is important to schedule your irrigation system to run in the morning before it gets too hot.
    • Watering during the middle of the day is wasteful because a large percentage of the water is evaporated before the plants can absorb it.
    • Watering before the hot parts of the day help keep moisture in the soil and ready for use.
    • This trick helps promote photosynthesis, which results in healthy, green lawns.
  2. Use rain to guide your watering.
    • It is possible to water too much!
  3. Adjust your sprinkler system for dry spots, shady areas, and slope.
  4. Be careful of especially high concentrations of sand within your soil, or within a specific area of your lawn.
    • Sandy soil can hold about one inch of water.
    • Even if the soil is dry, your lawn will typically only need .5 inches to .75 inches of water in sandy soil.
  5. Pay attention to what your grass is telling you.
    • Brown spots, a grayish tint, or lack of blade recovery are all signs that your lawn needs watering.

Is your sprinkler system leaving dry spots in your lawn? Heron Irrigation offers a free 7 point irrigation system analysis that will diagnose these problems. Our irrigation technicians can also adjust your current system for better coverage.
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