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For many people, encountering one of these eight-legged creatures can be a fearful experience. Many people hate the thought of having spiders in their homes, but both indoor and outdoor spiders can provide value. Spiders primarily feast on other insects and are actually quite helpful in controlling insect populations as well as potential infestations of other types of more harmful pests.

Indoor Spiders vs Outdoor Spiders

There is the misconception that all spiders should exist outside of the home, and that it is unnatural for them to be inside. In actuality, there are both indoor and outdoor types of spiders. Almost every type of indoor spider species lives exclusively indoors, as they do not have the ability to survive in an outdoor setting. Likewise, many outdoor spider species live exclusively outdoors for similar reasons. Most indoor spider species are carried into the home through egg sacs that are attached to items that are brought in from one space to another. Most spiders are quite harmless; they are more interested in eating other bugs than in causing harm to humans.

The difference between black widows and brown recluses in Central FL - Heron Home & OutdoorPoisonous Spiders in Florida

One of the most common questions that people ask about spiders is whether or not they are poisonous. The majority of spiders are indeed poisonous in the sense that they contain venom, which they use to paralyze and kill their prey. Even though most spiders contain poisonous venom, it is a small threat to humans, as their fangs are often not long enough to break through average human skin.

Out of all of the species of spiders commonly found in Florida, there are only two that you should ever have to really worry about: the infamous black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. There are native species of widow spiders in Florida, but there have never been any recluses found in native habitats; they have only been found in isolated incidences (most likely when someone transported them from another state). While both spiders could occur in a Florida home, it’s rare that they will actually bite.

Preventing Poisonous Spider Bites

To protect yourself against potentially dangerous spider bites, be cautious when investigating dark places like garages, crawl-spaces, basements, and attics. Webs are typically built in places with a lot of debris such as eaves, under woodpiles, and around fences. While these spiders are often feared, these spiders only bite when in close contact with a human—for example, when being swept or squeezed by a hand.

Identification of Spider Bites

Symptoms of spider bites include redness, swelling, and discomfort around the bite. In more serious cases, severe cramps, abdominal pain, and profuse sweating will occur. If there is any sign of a deep sore or ulcer, or if tissue around the bite becomes infected, prompt medical attention should be sought.

If you feel that you have potentially dangerous spiders infesting your home or business, or just simply don’t like having them around, give Heron Home & Outdoor a call. We’ll inspect your home, working with you to make sure your needs are taken care of and any problems are addressed. Call Heron today for a free estimate!

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