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Why Mice are a Problem

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Mice, like rats, are not an animal you want to see sniffing around your pantry or hiding in the dark, warm corners of your house. While they’re often thought of in a lighthearted, jumping-on-a-chair-and-screaming kind of way, they can actually pose a real threat to your home.

They can damage ductwork, wood, and insulation, hurting your house’s structural integrity. They can also chew through electrical wires and plumbing, putting you at risk for floods and fires. Worst of all, mice can carry up to 200 pathogens, and can spread diseases to your family through bites, droppings, fleas, mites, ticks, and food contamination.

How You Know if You Have an Mouse Problem

  • You hear unusual noises in your attic, in cabinets, or behind drywall.
  • Food items have been opened and / or chewed, and food is contaminated.
  • You see mouse droppings in or near your pantry.
  • Your drywall, wood, plumbing, or electrical wires have been chewed and clawed.

How We Trap or Capture Mice

When you see a mouse inside your home, you may have more hiding elsewhere. A stray mouse here and there can usually be handled by a store-bought trap. But for more serious or recurring infestations, you should give us a call. Our commercial traps give us the edge in controlling and eliminating your mice for good. We can also determine how you got a mouse problem in the first place and work to resolve the issue.

Mouse Prevention

If mice got in once, they can do it again. We’ll examine your house and figure out how to stop that from happening. From sealing up entry points to more secure food storage, we’ll discuss all of your options—and help you implement them. The experts at Heron Home & Outdoor know how to control mice infestations, keeping you and your family safe. Call us today to learn more!

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