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What is a Termite Bond?

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Because homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover termite damage, property owners must go to pest companies themselves for a form of insurance, the termite bond. A termite bond is a contract between a pest control company and a homeowner where the company agrees to provide various termite services for an annual fee. The terms of the bond will vary from situation to situation depending on several factors, but the following is a list of services which bonds can often include.

What a bond often entails

  • Initial termite prevention treatment with termiticides when the bond begins
  • Annual termite inspection to make sure they haven’t returned
  • If they did return, treatment is often at no additional cost
  • Some bonds even cover repair costs of your house if damaged by termites after treatment
  • Bond renewal occurs frequently after annual inspections
  • Annual cost of the bond is most likely a fraction of termite treatment

Bonds are a great idea especially if you live in the southern U.S. where the climate is perfect for termites. They are also wise if your home has a history of termite infestations and needs frequent treatments.

Heron Pest Termite Service

At Heron Pest, our service is much less complicated than a standard annually-renewed bond. We offer…

  • Free termite inspection at any time
  • Termite extermination treatment using Sentricon.
  • $1 Million warranty for any damages your home sustains for 10 years after treatment date

That is all there is to it: no annual fees, no confusing contracts, just simple termite service when needed. We find termites, we kill them, and we guarantee protection for up to 10 years and $1 Million. If you would like us to inspect your home for free today, call Heron Pest at 1.877.772.0826 and we will come to you. If you elect to use our termite service, use the coupon on our website for $100 off!

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