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Heron is Your Green Choice

Heron has gone green! We are committed to being environmentally responsible. From using eco friendly vehicles which emit less fuel emissions to recycling in our offices, we are continuously striving to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here are some of the ways Heron is GREEN!

  • We use a proactive approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which means that we thoroughly inspect each property, assess and then treat.
    • This reduces the use of pesticides and ensures that we only use the products that are needed as opposed to blanket treating areas they may not need control.
  • We use custom applications.
    • We apply appropriate products as they are needed and do not use premixed products!
    • Each application is custom blended for the property’s specific needs.
  • We use environmentally favorable products.
    • Many of our products are less toxic than table salt.
  • Our entire fleet is GPS monitored.
    • This creates less fuel consumption, emissions & more efficient routing.
  • We use eco friendly vehicles in our sales fleet, which average 36 mpg.
  • We RECYCLE in our offices.
  • We offer convenient automatic payment options.
    • This reduces paper usage by opting out of having statements mailed to you.
  • We have irrigation solutions that will drastically reduce water usage up to 40%.
  • Heron is led by two Associate Certified Entomologists.
    • Florida conditions change as pests become immune to products.
    • Heron’s entomologists stay current on the local conditions and implement the most environmentally conscious ways to treat problems with the most effective products.
    • They conduct ongoing training to service consultants & technicians. They also continuously research and test new products.
  • Our team is BMP Certified. This stands for Green Industries (Best Management Practices).
    • Certification is achieved through educational training & BMP course completion.
    • With BMP knowledge and implementation, Heron practices the best methods to protect water resources in Florida and increase environmental knowledge and awareness throughout the pest control industry.
    • We also have three BMP trainers on staff.
  • Our lawn programs are lake-friendly allowing buffer zone and we only use phosphorus-free fertilizers.
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