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When is Mosquito Season in Florida?

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Mosquito season in Florida - Heron Home & OutdoorFlorida is a beautiful place to live; the beach is easily accessible from anywhere, the landscape is dotted with scenic lakes, and sunshine abounds. But, as any Floridian knows, the joy of being outdoors can quickly be ruined by mosquitoes. It doesn’t matter how pleasant laying out by the pool or having a picnic next to a lake is—when mosquitoes show up, there’s nothing left to do but get away to avoid their irritating (and potentially dangerous) bites. With mosquito season in Florida being as long as it is, it’s important to know how to plan accordingly to avoid the onslaught of mosquitoes come summertime.

Florida Mosquito Season

The main factor for determining mosquito season is temperature. Here’s what indicates when mosquito season begins in Florida:

  1. When it starts to get warmer outside, mosquitoes will become more active and hatch from eggs laid during the winter. The critical temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit when mosquitoes begin to emerge.
  2. In Florida, it is not uncommon for mosquitoes to start coming out again in February. But, the warmer it gets, the better it is for mosquitoes.
  3. The peak mosquito season is during the hot Florida summer. This is when they thrive on the humidity and standing pools of water from the frequent afternoon thunderstorms.

Where Are Mosquitoes in Florida?

The worst places are wooded areas and swampy areas since they both afford mosquitoes a lot of cover and wet places to lay their eggs. Dawn and especially dusk are notoriously bad times to be outdoors because that’s when mosquitoes are most active. And the more rain there is, the more eggs they are able to lay, which makes Florida a breeding ground for mosquitoes in the summer. Mosquitoes can easily locate a suitable place to breed right in your backyard, making it important to learn how to make your property as inhospitable to them as possible. The best time to start preparing for this is in the early spring.

How to Survive Mosquito Season

Here at Heron Home & Outdoor, we know how frustrating it is to deal with mosquitoes for most of the spring and summer in Orlando and Central Florida. When you enlist our help, our mosquito experts will inspect your property for any potential mosquito breeding spots to eliminate them. If we find any eggs, we will use a larvicide to ensure they don’t hatch. Then, we will treat your property to curb the existing population of mosquitoes that have been troubling you. As members of the Florida Mosquito Control Association, we are at the forefront of mosquito control information and techniques. Contact us today to get started!

When is Mosquito Season in Florida? in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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