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The Cost of Termite Damage

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The last thing you want in your home is pests, but unfortunately, due to their small size, it is incredibly easy for them to find their way into your home. Pests in the home have the capability of causing substantial damage, and termites are one of the worst offenders. Because of the sheer size of their colonies and their incredibly destructive capabilities, an infestation can cause different types of damage, all of which would prove to be exceptionally expensive to repair.

Cosmetic Damage

Most people associate termite infestation with wooden support beams being chewed away, but it is important to remember the lasting effects that they can have on the decorative elements of your home. Their tunneling can result in your hardwood floors bending and buckling, as well as problems within your sheetrock such as discoloration and even your paint chipping away.

Damage to Your Home’s Structure

If cosmetic damage seemed bad, the structural damage posed by termites is substantially worse. Because termites eat through your structures, not only is it expensive to repair, but it can also be dangerous if gone untreated. Termite colonies can consist of up to 15,000,000 individuals. They can last for years, and some of the larger colonies can eat up to a pound of wood a day. Since they exist inside your structures, it is often hard to catch termites early, and by the time you do find them, you can be looking at severe damage to your home.

The Heron Guarantee

Termites can be a detriment to your home and every year they cost Americans over $6 billion. On average, the individual homeowner will face close to $8,000 in damages as a direct result of termite infestation. This is why at Heron Home & Outdoor; we offer guaranteed termite protection for 10 years with a $1 million repair agreement. For more information on how we control termites and keep you protected, contact us today for your free same-day inspection.

The Cost of Termite Damage in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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