Mosquito Prevention: What Works and What Doesn’t

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A person scratching a mosquito bite while a mosquito sits on their neck.When imagining spring and summer in Florida, most people think about warm weather, beaches, and theme parks. But, along with the sun and tourists, these seasons mark mosquito season. Considering the nearly year-round warm weather of Florida, the start of mosquito season is generally in early spring and reaches its peak in summer.

Whether you’re enjoying time by the pool or having a family barbeque, mosquitoes love to invite themselves to your party. Besides leaving itchy bite marks, mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases such as Zika Virus and West Nile Virus. Keeping these pests out of your yard is a top priority for many homeowners. Therefore, it is important to understand what methods of prevention work well and which ones fall flat.

Mosquito Prevention Do’s: What Works

The best method of eliminating a potential mosquito problem is to begin prevention steps early. Follow some of these tips to stay ahead of an infestation:

  • Add mosquito netting to your doors and windows: The sound of mosquitoes buzzing around your head while you rest can make for sleepless nights. Mosquito netting prevents any mosquito, or insect, from getting inside your home. By adding it to your doors and windows, you can enjoy the relaxing breeze of the warm months without the risk of unwelcomed guests. 
  • Mosquito traps: Using mosquito traps is an extremely effective way to control the mosquito population in your yard. Mosquito traps lure mosquitoes in by pretending to be a person or an animal. Traps use light, heat, or carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes into thinking they have found their next meal. The mosquito will become trapped on sticky paper or in a bin and subsequently not make it out of the trap alive.
  • Use outdoor fans: Mosquitoes are weak fliers which is why you normally will not find them buzzing around on a windy day. Adding fans to your patio or outdoor areas will create a breeze that these flying pests will find difficult to navigate. Fans also have the added benefit of keeping you cool on those hot Florida days.

Mosquito Prevention Don’ts: What Doesn’t Work

Don’t waste your efforts on ineffective methods of mosquito prevention! The following methods have been proven to have minimal effects on the mosquito population in your yard.

  • Citronella candles: These candles are one of the most popular mosquito prevention methods out there. While citronella candles may work, their effectiveness is limited. In order to work, they must be lit. Even then, when you are not directly next to one, there are no prevention benefits. These candles need to be replaced often as well for their maximum potency. Instead, consider using a proven mosquito repellant spray like those with DEET or picaridin.
  • Coffee Grounds: There has been no scientific evidence that sprinkling coffee grounds in water reduces the number of mosquito larvae. Also, using coffee grounds is ineffective at controlling the mosquito population overall. Instead of adding coffee grounds to standing water, put these grounds and the filters into your compost bin for added nitrogen!

Professional Mosquito Prevention

Even though your best efforts to prevent mosquitoes may have some benefits, long-term and total mosquito prevention can only be trusted to professional exterminators. At Heron Home and Outdoor, our pest control experts trained to provide comprehensive mosquito treatments and prevention tips. Contact Heron today for a free quote and to learn more about our PestFree365+ all-inclusive pest control service.

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