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How to Prevent Pests in Your Attic

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Rodents are a common pest in the attic in Central FL - Heron Home & OutdoorPests will try to get into your attic during the winter months for shelter and food until spring rolls around. Needless to say, this can be a major nuisance for homeowners in Central Florida.  These pests are called overwintering pests, and include squirrels, bats, rodents, raccoons, and more. While we don’t experience freezing temperatures during the winter, it’s nonetheless important to learn how to prevent pests in your attic or basement this time of year.

The wildlife exclusion experts at Heron Home & Outdoor are here to share their top tips.

Tips to Prevent Pests in Your Home During the Winter

The key to avoiding overwintering pests is exclusion. Trim overhanging tree branches, overgrown bushes, and vines away from your home to limit roof access to pests. In addition, secure your chimney with a chimney cap, and install wire mesh over any vents or roof openings. If you keep your garbage cans outdoors, make sure to keep them secure with tight-fitting lids. Lastly, keep everything organized in plastic bins in your attic. Look for gaps or openings and seal them with steel wool or caulk. All of these efforts should greatly reduce the chances of pests getting into your Central Florida home this winter.

What Pests Are Common in My Attic?

If you start to notice noises coming from your attic, there’s a chance you have uninvited guests up there. The most common ones we deal with here in Florida include:

  1. Bats: Big brown bats will roost in an attic and use it as their cave. Their presence causes a lot of mess to clean up.
  2. Raccoons: Raccoons are strong climbers and can make their way into your attic to escape dropping temperatures outside.
  3. Squirrels: The attic is the perfect place for squirrels to burrow and hide out the colder months of the year.
  4. House mice: These mice prefer secluded areas and will look to nest in your attic using insulation and other items for shelter.
  5. Rats: Rats can easily squeeze their way indoors and up to the attic in your home.

Still Have Pests in Your Attic?

If you think there are pests or wild animals in your attic, it’s important to not attempt to remove them on your own. These pests can be dangerous and defensive, which is why it’s crucial to enlist the help of your local wildlife removal experts at Heron. Call us today!

How to Prevent Pests in Your Attic in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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