Norway Rat


Actual Size: 7 inches

Characteristics: The Norway rat is brown with a blunt nose and relatively small ears. Droppings are ¾”, capsule shaped with blunt ends.


  • Norway rats are most active at night.
  • They typically nest in burrows or pre-existing holes outdoors
  • They gain access through quarter-sized holes, and beneath exterior doors.

Norway Rats in Central Florida

Rats can sneak through very small spaces, and are most active at night. Because Norway rats are larger than mice, and therefore need more space to build nests, they will most likely keep a burrow outdoors and venture inside to forage for food.

Norway rats are extremely territorial, and will even kill mice that compete with them for food and shelter. Their droppings are much larger, around 3/4″, and combined with shed hair and dander can be a significant source of indoor allergens. Historically, rat urine is responsible for the spread of leptospirosis, a disease that can damage the liver and kidneys. They have also been known to carry typhus, hantavirus, and salmonellosis. Wild rats are also an indirect method of introducing a potential flea or tick infestation into your home.

Norway Rat Prevention

As with mice, the best prevention methods are clearing brush and woodpiles near your property, cleaning up food preparation and dining areas, as well as thoroughly sealing outside cracks and gaps underneath exterior doors. However, even the best-maintained homes struggle with rodent control, which is why our local experts are there to develop an effective solution for your home or business.