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Caring for Your Shrubs

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Curb appeal is so important when it comes to home value- and your HOA probably has something to say about it too. Regrettably, there are numerous potential issues for the shrubs in your yard that can all cause unsightly deformation, discoloration and deterioration of your shrubs. You must act quickly before they die completely and leave your lawn looking like a wasteland.


Shrubs can be one of the most difficult things to care for at your home because there are so many species that all have different ‘potential issues’. These include:

  • Droughts- a lack of water can wilt most landscape plants, like your trees or shrubs. You’ll notice the leaves curling or turning brown. Having the right soil under these plants during dry times can help to keep the roots moist longer.
  • Fungus- Most fungi that inhabit shrubs show signs in the form of discoloration, or spottiness, on the leaves. Keep an eye out for this. If you catch it early, it’s much easier to treat.
  • Disease- Shrub disease can be caused by preexisting fungus or other infected soil materials. They show up as mildews, spots, scorch marks, or wilting. If caught early, you can prune the infected leaves and remove any affected materials to help it heal. However, most situations involve other, more difficult methods.
  • Insects- Some insects are great for your shrubs, helping to fertilize and eat the bugs that eat your plants. However, others eat through vital parts of your plant, defoliate, and leave sticky messes that provide a breeding ground for mold.

All-Inclusive Care

The best way to care for your shrubs is knowing what they need to thrive. At Heron Home & Outdoor, we have an all-inclusive shrub program with insect damage protection. Contact us today for your free same-day inspection and we’ll make a customized plan perfect for your landscaping issues.

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