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5 Signs Your Lawn Has a Pest Infestation

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A healthy lawn in Central FL - Heron Home & OutdoorOur home climate here in Florida allows for potential pest problems year-round. The fairly mild temperatures mixed with high humidity create a perfect environment for all kinds of pests to thrive in our lawns. Noticing any of these five signs in your yard probably means that you are currently hosting a pest infestation:

Top Signs of Lawn Pests

  1. Patches of dying grass. If you’re noticing small patches of dying grass pop up all over your lawn, it usually means there are pests eating the roots of your grass. Beetle larvae, otherwise known as grubs, are usually the culprits here. They feed on grass roots for nourishment after they hatch, eventually growing into bigger and more destructive bugs.
  2. Finger-width strips of dead grass. Finding dead grass in a pattern of stripes is a sign of a mole cricket infestation. Mole crickets tunnel underneath your lawn, eating grass roots, grubs, and worms along the way.
  3. Burrows. Finding burrows in your lawn is a sign of two things. First, this means that there are larger predators around, likely some sort of rodent. This also means that there are insects underneath your lawn that the predators are trying to get to. If you’re noticing burrows in your lawn, your best bet is to ask your local pest control company for help.
  4. Dirt mounds. Finding mounds of dirt in your lawn is a sure sign of moles tunneling up from underneath your lawn. While they might be eating other insects living in your lawn, moles can cause problems for your lawn by killing grass as they dig.
  5. A successful drench test. If you’re wary of pests living in your lawn, pour a gallon of soapy water over a patch where you suspect they might be living. Anything underneath will quickly swim to the surface to avoid suffocating, and you’ll be able to get a gauge on just how bad your problem is.

Common Lawn Pest Infestations

Bear in mind that this list doesn’t cover the extent of lawn pests in Central FL. Some other critters that might be living in your lawn include:

  • Caterpillars
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Chinch bugs
  • Grasshoppers, and more.

All of these insects come with different repercussions for your lawn, pets, and personal health. It is always a safe call to regularly inspect your yard for a pest outbreak.

Professional Lawn Care Help in Florida

If you fear that pests have made a home out of your lawn in Central Florida, ask your local pest control company about what you can do. Here at Heron Home & Outdoor, we are constantly updating our technicians on the most effective and eco-conscious methods to exterminate pests living in lawns. Reach out today for a free quote!

5 Signs Your Lawn Has a Pest Infestation in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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