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Unidentified Pests

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Unidentified pests in your homeThough nowadays we would like to believe that we have full control over pests and can keep them outside of our houses, every now and then they remind us that they are not so easily managed. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine which pests are currently giving you problems, so Heron Pest is here to shed some light on common house critters you may be dealing with!

Fleas – The first time you notice a flea in your house likely won’t be because you see it, but because you feel the itchy little bites. Although they are hard to identify by sight due to their small size, an easily recognizable feature of fleas is their distinguished jumping ability. Flea control can be difficult and often requires several treatments.

Roaches – While roaches are quickly noticeable and dreaded, to pinpoint the exact species of roach you see calls for closer inspection. The two primary roaches in Florida are German Roaches and Australian Roaches. German roaches are lighter brown in color and have two dark stripes on their head, while Australian roaches are a darker, redder shade of brown and have yellow coloration around their wings.

Spiders – There are dozens of different kinds of spiders in Florida, most of them not dangerous to humans. But there are two species which you need to pay careful attention to: the brown recluse and the black widow. The brown recluse spider is brown in color, anywhere from ¼ – ½ of an inch, and has eyes arranged in a semi-circle on the head. The black widow is primarily black with a red marking on the abdomen. Both of these spiders tend to hide from humans, but their bites can cause serious harm.

Wasps – Yellow jackets, paper wasps, and mud daubers all fall into this category. Yellow jackets are smaller, build nests in the ground, and tend to be the most aggressive type of wasp. Paper wasps are longer and thinner than yellow jackets, and they build nests on the outside of buildings. Mud Daubers are blacker than the other two and will live alone in nests made of dirt and wood.

Rodents – Perhaps the most unwelcome of all house pests are rodents like rats and mice. The two most common species of rats are the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat. The grey or reddish-brown Norway rats are the largest of the group, measuring up to a foot long and a pound heavy. Roof rats are somewhere between Norway Rats and mice in size. Mice have the lightest coloration and only get up to 4” long. All 3 rodents can cause damage to houses and pose health hazards.

Comprehensive Pest Control

With Heron Pest’s Pest Max service, you don’t need to worry about identifying anything. This program includes 6 full-service treatments every year, as well as free follow up services when necessary. It covers all types of fleas, roaches, spiders, wasps, rodents, and more! Don’t worry about whether the spider you see is a deadly one or not, just give us a call and we will take care of it. Our treatments also take preventative measures, so that you are less likely to have problems in the future. Call us today at 1.877.772.0826 to learn more or to schedule a free same day inspection!

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