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Types of Grass in Florida

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types of grass

There are several types of grass that grow in Florida

Florida is a state with extreme conditions. On the one hand, you might think it would be perfect for growing a healthy lawn with all the sunshine and afternoon showers. This is partially true, but on the other hand, the sun and storms can be so extreme that many species of grass do not thrive here. Long periods of sunshine can bake and dry out grass, even if it rained just the other day. On the flipside, continuous storms can flood your lawn.


If you hope to have a healthy, green lawn, you’ll want to check out the following types of grass which are suitable to the harsh Florida climate.

St. Augustine Grass

If you know the name of any type of grass, it’s probably this one, and for good reason. St. Augustine is one of the most widely-used varieties of grass in residential properties. It is known for its darker blue-green color and thick, broad blades. Homeowners across the south love this grass because of its high tolerance for heat, easy establishment, and adaptability to many kinds of soil. However, it’s thickness can make it difficult to mow and can also provide a habitat for destructive chinch bugs.

Bermuda Grass

Golf fans will surely have heard of Bermuda grass, as it is used on many popular Florida golf courses. It has thin, greyish green blades with deep digging roots which make the grass highly resistant to foot traffic and drought. But if you want it to stay healthy and green, it is best to water frequently. It can also invade areas where you don’t want the grass, like flower beds. You must also watch out for pests like mole crickets which can destroy the grass.

Zoysia Grass

This species of grass is often touted as the most beautiful type to use in a lawn with its rich, vibrant green color. But it too has its benefits and drawbacks. Its slower rate of growth means less time mowing, but it also means that it takes the grass much longer to recover from damage or diseases. In addition, its shallow roots require more frequent irrigation and care, and take longer to establish themselves in the soil. Professional lawn care is recommended for getting the most out of a Zoysia lawn.

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