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Heron expands “green” footprint with new environmental initiatives.
Heron Pest Control was “green” long before it was popular or profitable. Going “green” in the pest control industry means judicious use of the materials we use, first and foremost. For example, some companies treat your home inside and out, every time. If the exterior is treated properly and no crawling insects have penetrated the space, treating the interior is, well, irresponsible.

Introducing IPM methods of treatment (integrated pest management) means we inspect when possible, and treat when necessary, rather than the wanton use of products each and every time. That hardly qualifies you as a good steward of the environment.

But, way beyond the responsible use of these materials is things that are a broader part of the underlying culture. Things like printing reports on the back of discarded paper only, eliminating paper cups from the coffee area (and from Florida landfills) by having employees bring a coffee mug to work, implementing a recycling program for the obvious things, but including used ink cartridges too.

We’re looking closely at higher-efficiency bulbs, alternative biofuels for the diesel fleet, and exploring the dynamics of having two-men per vehicle so we are forced to acquire fewer vehicles, and thereby substantially reduce our carbon profile. The acquisition of hybrid vehicles for the Sales Division will also help us accomplish that, and we’re looking closely into that option now when we decommission existing vehicles.

You may rest assured that we fully recognize our responsibility in this space, and are committed to leading by example, whether it’s while we are at your home, still at the office, or someplace between both points.

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