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Small Bugs with Pinchers..?

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Question: I just moved into my new home here in Orlando, and I have a lot of small bugs with pinchers coming into my home.  I am not used to this.  Do they bite?  How do you stop them?

Steve Says:

The scary little bugs are called earwigs.  With all the rains we have recently had, many insects, especially earwigs are being driven into your home from areas adjacent to your home being over saturated with water.  They like to hide under anything they can find like door mats, shoes, mulch, newspapers etc.  Although their bite has never been proved serious, it is entirely uncomfortable.

You need an exterior application of insecticides and baits to keep the population down and stop them from coming inside your home.  The ones that are inside need to be treated.  The only good thing I can say about these bugs are they are seasonal.  Once the heavy rains slow down, so will the pressure to push them inside your home.  Either way, you need to have your home treated by a pest control specialist.

Small Bugs with Pinchers..? in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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