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Pest Prevention After Heavy Rain

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Florida has a reputation as a “buggy” state. With its humid, warm conditions and thousands of lakes, it is a bug paradise. Florida residents know by experience how many different types of pests are out there: mosquitoes, lovebugs, gnats, spiders, ants, and the dreaded cockroaches. Many of these are so common that it is easy to ignore them outside, but, when it rains, it’s a different story. Rain drives bugs to look for a shelter sturdier and drier than their typical living places, and most of the time, the best shelter around is your home.

How to Keep Them Out

This is a particularly big issue for Floridians, since in the summer it rains virtually every afternoon! But there are actions every homeowner can take to reduce the number of pest invaders during rainy seasons.

  • Mind the gaps – If you want to keep the bugs out, you must first make it hard for them to get in. Do this by making sure all the doors and windows in your home seal fully when closed. Pay more attention to sliding doors, since they have many spaces and gaps which bugs like cockroaches could exploit.
  • Don’t forget about vents, pipes, and wiring – It doesn’t immediately occur to most homeowner’s to also check around their A/C units, vents, and any external piping. For bugs, these can work as front doors into your home just as much as any larger opening. Spray foam around these gaps to completely seal them off.
  • Turn off lights – Light attracts bugs, so it is important to make sure lighting on the exterior of your home is kept to a minimum and only turned on when you need it. This will help keep bugs father away from your home, making it less likely for them to enter the house.
  • Eliminate standing water – Mosquitoes are one of the most bothersome pests to have around your house, since they make going outside and enjoying your yard impossible. To prevent them from breeding at your house, get rid of all potential puddle sites. These could be depressions in the ground, garbage cans, or flower pots.

These preparations will give you the best chance to keep bugs out when it rains. But, never underestimate the ability of bugs to find a way in, especially when they are motivated to escape downpours.

Professional Help

If, despite your best efforts, you keep seeing bugs like cockroaches scuttling about your home whenever it rains, call in the pest control experts at Heron Home & Outdoor. We offer the most comprehensive pest control plan in the area. There are so many services and benefits we include in our Pest Max program, so be sure to check out our pest control webpage! If you want to learn more about how we can help you bug-proof your home, contact us today!

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