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Question: I live in Orlando and have had Heron treating my lawn for several years. I have been through several companies that I will not mention up until hiring Heron. You guys have turned my lawn around and I have recently received yard of the month. Thank you for so much for all your hard work. I do have a question. I have a large circle in my lawn that has popped up overnight that is greener then the rest of the lawn and it appears to be growing and now has mushrooms growing alng the edges of it. What is this?

Steve Says:

First, I would like to say thank you for the compliment. We work hard at being the best pest control company in central Florida. We will continue to provide you the best service we possibly can.

The ring in your lawn is called fairy ring. Fairy ring is a circular to semicircular band of dark green turf grass. When a turf site has buried caches of leaves or stumps, a fairy ring can develop. Enhanced turf grass vigor is due to the organic release of nitrogen in the turf root zone.

During warmer months with ample moisture, many established fairy rings may exhibit reproductive stages such as mushrooms or puffballs. Do not let your pets eat these mushrooms. Certain varieties are toxic to pets and people. Fairy ring may occur several times per year. No treatment is needed for this. It will grow out usually within a couple of weeks. Keeping your lawn mowed more frequently with help with the appearance during the grow out process.

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