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Move over Red Ants, Crazy Ants are here!

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Tawny crazy ant in Central Florida - Just when you thought it was safe to go back into your lawn there is a new impending threat to watch for this season….Crazy Ants!  This summer, Crazy Ants have invaded the southern United States by force.  Twenty counties in Florida have already reported seeing Crazy Ant infestations. Unlike other ant colonies that usually contain hundreds to thousands of individual ants, crazy ant colonies can have hundreds of thousands to millions of individual ants.  As a matter of fact, so many Crazy Ants have moved into the area that they are actually displacing red ant colonies.  Some people have even reported having to shovel mounds of Crazy Ants out of their homes and backyard patios.  Crazy Ants are attracted to moist warm areas and areas that contain heat. This is why they are known for hiding out and snacking on electronics.  Last year Texas reported having approximately $146.5 million in electronic damage due to Crazy Ants.  Once inside an electronic device, they feast on wires and electrocute themselves.  After dying, the Crazy Ant will give off pheromones which attract other ants to the area creating an infestation and if inside your electronic devices, will cause them to short circuit.

The best security against Crazy Ants is to have your home professionally treated by a certified pest control company.  Over the counter products are nowhere near as effective as having your home treated by a trained professional that will stay on a strict treatment schedule with proper follow up treatments and use professional grade products.

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Move over Red Ants, Crazy Ants are here! in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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