Keeping Wasps Out Of Your Car

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Wasps building a nest inside of a car

Wasps are one of the most universally feared insects, sending many people running just at the sight of one buzzing around. But what do you do when you are in your car with nowhere to run?

A wasp in your car transforms the sanctuary of your vehicle into a potential hazard zone. The presence of these stinging insects can turn a calm commute into a nerve-wracking ordeal, putting your safety and that of your passengers at risk! 

Why Are There Wasps In My Car?

Wasps like most pests are always looking for food and shelter. Wasps are often attracted to cars due to the heat emitted from a car. They will often build hives under the hood or in the interior of a car that has been sitting undisturbed for a while. 

After heat, the biggest thing that attracts wasps and other stinging insects to your car is food: from the bugs in your grill that give off pheromones, letting wasps know it’s time for dinner to the sticky sweets that may have been dropped on your floor boards. These scavengers are always on the hunt for food. 

How Do I Keep Wasps Out Of My Car?

Wasps in your car pose a safety risk for everyone on the road. Follow these few simple tips to keep your car wasp free!

  • Park Smart: Avoid parking near areas that attract wasps such as flowers, garbage cans and picnic areas. If wasps are around, there is a good chance they will enter your car.
  • Remove Nests:  Remove any abandoned nests near where you park. If there are active nests, for your safety, contact a local pest extermination company to remove the nest. Removing the nests will keep wasps away from the area, stopping them from hitching a ride.
  • Throw Out Your Air Fresheners: Wasps are attracted to sweet smells and love the pineapple scent of your car just as much as you do. Try switching your car freshie out for wasp repelling essential oils such as peppermint, cloves, anise or citronella. 
  • Roll Up Your Windows: Many of us like to leave our car windows down or cracked on hot summer days. Wasps see an open window as an invitation to hop in and hitch a free ride.
  • Keep Your Car Clean: Did you know wasps can smell sweet up to 20 feet away? Make sure your car isn’t a wasp buffet! Store or throw away any food or drinks, especially the sweet stuff!  

Heron Home & Outdoor: Florida’s Wasp Experts!

Encountering a wasp anywhere can be an unsettling experience, but discovering one in your car poses a potential hazard and distraction while driving.  Wasps in your car can mean there’s active wasps nests around your home. If you are finding wasps in your car or around your yard, for both your safety and the safety of others, contact a local trusted exterminator like Heron Home & Outdoor! At Heron, our skilled technicians are fully equipped to safely and effectively eliminate any wasp or pest issue you may have. Contact us today for a free quote! Our dedicated team is here 24/7 to answer your calls.

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