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It’s a bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Super Chinch Bugs!

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Damage caused by chinch bugs in Central FL - Heron Home & OutdoorEven superman himself can’t save the day from these villains. Resistant chinch bugs wreak havoc on Central Florida lawns. These pesky invaders have become resistant to every major chemical used against them, leaving St. Augustine lawns destroyed throughout the state of Florida.

Chinch bugs are the most common threat to St. Augustine lawns in Florida and by far the most difficult insect-pest to control. Chinch bugs attack grass by sucking out the nutrients from the leaf blades & regurgitating poisonous chemicals back into the plant killing the grass. When chinch bugs attack a lawn, the only choices are to treat with insecticides or to watch the lawn die.

Though an adult female chinch bug only live 2 months, they lay up 300 eggs in this short life span.Because of this rapid population growth, a small area of chinch bug damage can quickly overtake a lawn if left untreated.Even worse, chinch bug populations, known as super chinch bugs or resistant chinch bugs, have become immune to pesticides.An integrated pest management program must be implemented to control a chinch bug infestation.

Only the newer classification of insecticides called Neonicotinoids will control these “bugs of steel”. These newer insecticides cost 10 times more on average than traditional insecticides so make sure your lawn spray company uses them.

If you have any questions about resistant chinch bugs, email An expert entomologist will answer your questions.

It’s a bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Super Chinch Bugs! in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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