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How To Protect Your House from Termites

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Finding that there are termites in your house can be a devastating discovery, for several reasons. First, termite damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance because taking on the cost of the damage can be too risky for insurance companies. It can be even more crushing to discover this only when you trying to make a claim after noticing termite damage. Second, you likely won’t have discovered the termites until the damage they’ve done is serious and noticeable. At that point, repairs can be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. And finally, termites are so problematic because they take away your peace of mind in your home.
So how do you protect yourself from these ruinous insects?

Eliminate Attractants

There are two things which, when present together, provide ideal conditions for termites to set up shop in your home. These two things are the presence of wood and moisture.
Termites primary feed on cellulose, which is a major component of plant material including wood. It’s hard to eliminate every source of food for them, but there are things you can definitely do to keep your house safer. Since some species of termites are subterranean, avoid putting wood material in contact with the soil. This includes chopped wood, brush piles, and decaying plants. If there are wood components to your house which are in contact with the soil, make sure the lumber is treated to deter the pests.
As far as water goes, make sure you fix any leaks above ground or underground. A steady water supply from a leak can be a great attractant for subterranean termites. Likewise, depressions in the terrain which often become standing pools of water can sustain termites. You will want to be especially aware of any wooden parts of your house that have become damp due to leaks or flooding, as this is a termite’s ideal scenario.

Hire Professionals

No DIY effort to prevent termites from coming to your home will guarantee your safety. You should definitely heed the tips above to decrease your chances, but if termites want to get into your house, they always can. However, the professionals at Heron can guarantee that your house will be termite-free after our treatment, and we back up that guarantee with a 10-year, $1 million repair warranty.

To truly protect your home from termites, call Heron today at 1.877.772.0826.

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