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How to Identify Lawn Fungus

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Your lawn deserves the utmost care, but when fungi get involved your grass is easily susceptible. Lawn fungus is easy to misdiagnose since many of the general symptoms such as spots, patches, bleached turf, and shriveled blades can be easily mistaken for other causes.

Here are some common identifiers for a fungal infestation in your lawn:

Leaf Spot – Purple and brown spotting occurs on the grass blades when leaf spot infects your lawn. Look for oval-shaped spots on the blades, and as it spreads, the lawn shows large brown patches throughout.

Melting Out – Most common in April and May when the weather is cooler, melting out describes when fungus moves down from spots on the grass blades to the crowns and roots of the plant. At a distance, the turf appears yellow or dark brown depending on the nitrogen levels.

Necrotic Ring Spot – A parasitic fungi that feeds on the grass by stealing nutrients from it, necrotic ring spot is easily identifiable by the brownish red rings that it forms in the grass. Upon further inspection, you will find black threads on the crowns of the infected turf.

Proper Treatment

Fungus easily strikes your lawn, and without proper maintenance, it can spread and severely damage your turf. Fungus is also specific and requires proper care to ensure the right treatment is administered. Professionals do not recommend taking care of the fungus yourself as the wrong treatment can harm your grass more.

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How to Identify Lawn Fungus in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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