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How to Care for Your New Sod

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how to care for your new sod

A newly sodded lawn needs special care and treatment

A lush green lawn is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, many Florida residents find this hard to achieve because of the extreme heat, invasive weeds, and damaging critters. No matter how much fertilizer and weed killer you dump on your lawn, it often makes no difference. Here’s a list of some essential factors to cultivating the lawn of your dreams:

Water– The most key ingredient for a healthy lawn, and especially important for newly sodded lawns. You need to make sure the grass takes root, otherwise it can easily dehydrate and die. This takes daily watering to ensure that the roots keep growing and dig deep enough to be secure.

Fertilizer– Give those roots a little supplemental nutrition by fertilizing after the grass is more secure. It will also contribute to grass blade growth.

Weed Treatment– Weeds can make even the thickest, greenest lawn look bad. They can soon take over and kill off your hard-earned lush grass. Certain weed treatments can help kill existing weeds, and others can prevent them from ever coming to your lawn.

Micro Nutrients– This treatment will help your grass to be that beautiful, healthy deep-green color that you’ve been looking for.

Professional Service

The truth is, no individual is as fully equipped for lawn treatment and maintenance as a professional service. If you want that newly planted sod to grow and flourish, trust your lawn to the professionals at Heron Home & Outdoor.

Our Platinum Lawn Care Service is an all-encompassing program which is the best lawn treatment service on the market. We will treat any weeds, spray micronutrients, put down preventative weed care, treat any fungus, eradicate pests, and fertilize. Our technicians always have fully stocked trucks so that they can custom blend treatments which fit your lawn’s exact needs. There is no better decision that you can make for your lawn that to call us at 1.877.772.0826 today for a free lawn inspection!

How to Care for Your New Sod in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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