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How Do Pests Survive in Winter?

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Homeowners often tend to write off the winter as a safe time where they don’t have to worry about pests. The assumption is that bugs typically die off in the cold weather, but you would be surprised to learn of the tenacious ways that these annoying pests stay alive and beat out the cold.

  • Mosquitoes – During the summer months, mosquitoes can be horrendous as they swarm and leave you with several irritating bites. Despite their small size, some species are great at making it through the winter. These mosquitoes tend to hide out in places such as hollowed out logs to hibernate and return in the spring with newfound vigor.
  • Ants – Though small, ants have immense strength in their great numbers which they use to stay alive throughout the cold season. They stock up on food and eat a lot to increase their fat reserves. Once this is done, they can go without eating for weeks. This allows them to bury themselves deep in the soil within the colony or under rocks and hold tight until the weather becomes more favorable for them.
  • Termites – When it comes to keeping your home safe, termites can be some of the most destructive pests. They come in large numbers and are capable of ingesting huge amounts of wood a year which can have devastating effects on the structure of your home. There are many different types of termites which employ various tactics when it comes to surviving. Subterranean termites will burrow deep to keep warm in the winter.
  • Cockroaches – Roaches are phenomenal survivors and can make it through many extreme conditions. All that cockroaches require to survive is an environment with access to moisture and warmth, both of which can be found in your home. Once the cold weather sets in, cockroaches are driven into your home for refuge, leaving you with these unwanted guests to deal with.

Keeping the Bugs at Bay

With the colder months getting closer, you may notice a surge in pests entering your home to escape the weather. As frustrating as it can be, Heron Home & Outdoor is here to help you. We offer comprehensive pest control services with six treatment visits a year, to ensure the best for you. We offer free same-day inspections so contact us today to receive yours.

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