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Florida Pests to Expect In The Winter

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As winter draws closer, a major concern for homeowners is the influx of pests that come to your home for shelter when the temperatures drop. These pests are ones that cannot survive the cold of the winter, so they seek lodging in your home, which presents problems for you. Here are some common Florida pests to keep an eye out for this coming winter:

  • Rats and Mice – While they tend to invade your home in any temperature, colder weather can make matters worse. Since they lack a hibernation period, rats will spend the season in your home spreading illnesses and causing damage to your property.
  • Ticks – It is very easy for ticks to find their way into your home if you have plants that you bring indoors for the winter season. They can sneak in with your plants, and from there you are at risk of contracting Lyme disease from them.
  • Silverfish – Most prevalent during the winter, silverfish are pesky and intrusive. Their cold blood makes winter difficult for them, which results in them seeking shelter in your home. They love moisture and are often found in your bathroom.
  • Cockroaches – Similar to the silverfish, cockroaches are cold-blooded, and their inability to regulate their body heat drives them to find a warmer place to stay which tends to be your home. With the winter also comes the holiday season where food is present in abundance, and it will attract roaches in full force.

Staying Protected

When the temperature starts to drop, the risk of pest infestation increases, but you aren’t out of options. At Heron Home & Outdoor, we offer comprehensive pest control to ensure the best for you. Stay safe against pests this winter and contact us today for your free same-day inspection.


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